Busy Woman's Gift Basket

Three White Doves
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For the busy woman in your life. We start with a colorful container and
fill it to overflowing with a large box of butter cookies, a large box of
Sesame crackers, a large bag of Godiva chocolate gems, a lindt chocolate
bar, Smooth and Melty mints, apple cinnamon cookies, a bag of green
tea candy, Cashew Roca x 2, calming herbal tea with a sugar stir stick, brie
cheese and Ghirardelli chocolates.


  • large box of butter cookies
  • large box of Sesame crackers
  • large bag of Godiva chocolate gems
  • Lindt chocolate bar
  • Smooth and Melty mints
  • apple cinnamon cookies
  • a bag of tea candy
  • Cashew Roca x 2
  • herbal tea
  • sugar stir stick
  • brie cheese
  • Ghirardelli chocolates x2
  • large oval metal container