Divine Feast Exquisite Gourmet Gift Basket

gourmet gift basket
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Divine Feast Exquisite Gourmet Gift Basket When words just can't express your feelings enough, then you can select this gorgeous gift to help you. Weather this gift is for a wedding, a thank you gift, or anything else in between, they will feel loved appreciated, respected and more. A huge 19" metal container with grape design is overflowing with specialty gourmet foods,  drinks, chocolates and cookies. The fantastic flavors of the seafood you will offer here like the Maple glazed smoked salmon or the Baked crab dip mix will bring them to heavens. Let them know that their help is greatly appreciated and they are important to you. Impressive gift for corporate events, a Thank you gift basket for a help you have received , or for a business appreciation gift. There is plenty of special sweets to go around. Gift includes;
  • Large 19" wide Elegant metal container
  • Bruschetta bread
  • Cherry queen dark chocolate praline with whole cherries
  • Caramel popcorn
  • Crispy chocolate Belgian thins
  • Large box of gourmet chocolates
  • Sicilian spicy bread dipping seasoning
  • Baked crab dip mix makes 3 cups of dip
  • Lump fish Caviar
  • Metropolitan Martini drink mix
  • Triple chocolate Gourmet biscotti
  • Gourmet Hot chocolates
  • Butterscotch hot chocolate
  • Riesling juice
  • Tiramisu dessert mic
  • Maple glazed wild smoked salmon from Canada
  • Lobster pate
  • Smoked salmon pate
  • Beer Jelly
  • English cheese

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