Sending Love

Three White Doves
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This beautiful ensemble is so beautiful you won't want to open it,
but you will be so glad you did for inside you will find milk chocolate
toffee, dark chocolate toffee, a chocolate drenched pretzel rod, 3
snack paks of Jelly Belly jelly beans, a large jar of preserves, chocolate
drizzled shortbread, fruit jellies, a box of chocolate truffles,
4 Walker's shortbread, 6 Ghirardelli assorted chocolates, a raspberry
chocolate cookie sandwich, a small tin of old fashioned candy drops
and a bag of dolcetto wafer cookies.


  • 3 tier boxes with romantic messages
  • top box-sm bag of Dolcetto Petits
  • small tin of old fashioned candies
  • raspberry chocolate cookie
  • 6 Ghirardelli assorted chocolates
  • middle box- 4 Walkers Shortbread
  • small box chocolate truffles
  • fruit jellies
  • Astor shortbread
  • bottom box-large jar of preserves
  • 3 mini jelly belly snack paks
  • Astor chocolate pretzel rod
  • Dark chocolate toffee
  • Milk chocolate toffee
  • matching ribbon and rose topping