Easter gift baskets in Canada and USA make a lovely gift. They come filled with goodies and are usually in a pretty basket that can be used again.

cute easter gift ideas for teachers

When I was growing up, we each had a basket that was hidden for us to find on Easter morning. It was filled with chocolates and other candies. There was also a wrapped present with the basket.

Today, gift baskets are very popular and they are no longer just for kids. If you are going to someone's house for dinner on Easter, bringing a gift basket filled with treats is a nice touch.

Maybe you live a distance from your parents or your kids and won't be able to be together on Easter. Why not let them know how special they are to you and send them one of the many beautiful Easter gift baskets there are online to choose from?

What do you find in these lovely gifts? Chocolates in all shapes and sizes! You can also find ones that offer other gourmet foods, baked goods, and candles among other things. And let's not forget about the cute stuffed bunny - they are a big hit on Easter!

Any basket would actually be a wonderful gift but there are some that are specific to the holiday. It all depends on what the recipient likes, and that should be how you choose one. Focus on their interests and tastes.

Easter basket Idea

Some of the Easter gift baskets in Canada and USA hold enough goodies to feed several people. Are you looking for one that can be used immediately and passed around? A nice baked goods basket or Belgian chocolate platter would be ideal.

Or maybe you want a gift that the host/hostess can enjoy for themselves. A nice spa basket or gourmet foods basket would make a great choice.

You will find many baskets to choose from online, so make it easy on yourself. Do some internet shopping and order one soon. That way, you won't have to be disappointed that your choice is out of stock or that it won't arrive on time. Easter is coming quickly so don't delay.

Personalizing your Easter Gift Basket

It is the time of year for celebrating Easter and many do so with giving the people in their life a fun gift basket. But instead of the Easter gift baskets filled with confections alone, how about adding in some of their favorite things. There are many ideas that you can use to personalize a gift basket for Easter in a special way.

Personalizing an Easter basket with what the person likes is a thoughtful way of saying you know what they like. For example, if you have a young person in your world you are gifting who loves LEGOs you can add a couple of small sets to their baskets along with their treats.

This is true for anything that a young person collects or plays with. It could be a model car assembly if they life to build sets or perhaps a couple of Spiderman items if they are into that. The theme will match the person. No matter who they are you can personalize it in a unique way.

Girls who love accessories you can add a bunch of bangles or a necklace to Easter gift baskets in fun pastel colors. Or add a new curling iron if they love to do their hair. Fun socks are another great thing to add or perhaps a fun scarf to accessories their outfit. If they love drawing add in a bunch of sketch pencils or a new set of chalks to give them hours of fun after Easter is over and the candy has run out.

Gift cards are a great idea to add to baskets for kids of any age. They can enjoy downloading their favorite music or getting something at a store they enjoy shopping at. A Starbucks card is a hit for kids of any age and many adults if you are buying something for an older person.

Gifting your boss or a client is also a great idea. There are many themes to choose from based on what they like. If they love wine put together a wine, cheese and chocolate baskets with a little note. You can always add in some sports tickets to the man or woman who loves sports. Let your imagination flow as you think about the baskets you can create for those around you.

Giving Easter gift baskets in Canada can be fun. There are many ideas to choose from and these are just a few. Get creative and have fun with your ideas. Find all the supplies you need to put the baskets together at your local craft store or at retailers online and then having fun handing out the baskets you have created this Easter season.

Bringing a twist

Of recent times we have got a little bit lazy and we tend to fill them with sweets and chocolate. But that doesn't have to be the case. There are all sorts of alternatives.

As far as little ones are concerned they are just as happy if their Easter gift basket is full of toys or something to cuddle. Because it's a time of year when there are babies of all varieties around the girls especially love to have something small and soft to carry around with them and there are loads around. The boys are maybe a little more difficult but you can pick up reasonably priced toys that encourage them to play outside and take some exercise. Where my family is concerned board games always go down well if the weather is bad and they need to be amused. I have a particular fondness for them as it involves the whole family.

Easter basket gift

An Easter Basket wouldn't be quite the same if it didn't contain some nice things to eat, but what about fruit and nuts or reduce the impact of chocolate by combining it with fruit such as raisins or cranberries. You can go the other way and add a few chocolate chips to a healthy muesli bar for a special treat. I make chocolate nests from cornflakes and bran flakes and fill them with fruit and my kids have always loved those.

We make lots of the goodies that go into our families Easter Gift Baskets, masks and cut outs, cards and games as well as the munchies. If you haven't got time to make things you can always buy a basket that isn't filled with just chocolate. Books are a lovely alternative gift - especially Easter Stories for the little ones, or maybe a good novel for Mum. One of the best gift baskets I ever received was full of luxury Bath Time treats, beautiful lotions and potions with lovely smells, a candle to make the Bathroom feel nice and a soft fluffy towel to wrap myself in when I got out of the bath.

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