When one gift simply doesn't make sense (or doesn't seem enough), putting together a bunch of them that do to make a unique Vancouver gift basket is definitely simpler. Moreover, anyone would love receiving a bunch of presents rather than just one of them. Based on a theme, or a compilation of themes, these are most definitely a superb choice for those who have specific interests and hobbies. The idea is only to find out what these interests and likings are, and you are good to go.

Planning a unique Vancouver Gift Basket

Any gift basket can be made unique by personalizing it a little. While you may find these to be 'been there, done that' ideas, it is important to know that as thoughtful as the process may be, it also has to make some sense to the one who is receiving it. For instance, giving someone who does not really care for books, a basket full of them is a complete waste. So, no matter how special you want your present to be, it has to be something that the receiver will like and appreciate. Whether then it is a gourmet gift baskets Vancouver, or a simple Vancouver fruit basket, it is simply a matter of personal choice.

Chocolate and Cookies gift baskets Vancouver

There are very few people in this world who don't like chocolate, and with that exception, anyone would welcome a basket full of an assortment of wonderful chocolates and cookies. Some liquor filled, some with nuts, some mint, and some fruit flavored chocolates, along with chocolate chip cookies, or any kind of cookies you know the receiver will enjoy; throw in all these together and you are sure to bring a smile to their face.

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Music and Lyrics gift baskets Vancouver

What better gift for music lovers, than music itself? A collection of classics of the receiver's favorite musician, or an introduction to someone that she/he has never heard of before, is a great way to brighten up someone's day. You could perhaps include a biography of the musicians in it, a special note from your side, a jar of the best coffee ever, to sip on while relishing the music and your best gift baskets Vancouver is ready!

Spa gift baskets Vancouver

Spa gift baskets Vancouver makes for ideal gifts for singles and couples who badly need a break from the rut of daily life. Scented candles, aromatherapy oils, bath and body washes, body wraps, bath salts, pedicure soaks, along with some good relaxing music to go with this personal spa treatment, will make this one of the most magnificent gifts for couples! Remember that these should have fragrances you know the receivers will like and enjoy. Finding out about their choices beforehand is a good idea.

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Books and Movies gift baskets Vancouver

Again, not everyone reads books, but introducing reading as a good habit to those who never read, by means of a customized Vancouver gift basket, is probably the worst idea ever. Books and movies should be given only to those who truly appreciate their value; else it is disappointing for both, the giver, and the receiver. A good plan is to put in an assortment of books with their movie adaptations in it. It could be classics or modern stories. Further, add some goodies to enjoy while reading or watching the movie. For instance, the aforementioned jar of the best coffee or cocoa, or some of the best flavored popcorn can find their place in this customized gift basket Vancouver.

Chef's Special gift basket Vancouver

For those who appreciate the value of food in their lives, and love preparing it too, this is the best choice. With some exotic ingredients for a three course meal, and a bottle of wine to complete it, this is definitely going to be loved by all those food lovers. Add in a recipe book and perfect it. Before you think that this is a choice only for women, you are mistaken. Men are known to be enthusiastic cooks as well, and this is one of the many Canada gift baskets you can also give to men.

Wine gift basket Vancouver

A great idea for men is a basket full of the choicest liquors and wines. It is a slightly expensive choice, but definitely a good one. For those who love their occasional drink, this is one of those gifts that will last for a long time. On the other hand, a basket full of a variety of beers, along with some great snacks to go with them, is also a good option for beer lovers who love to kick back with a chilled beer while watching their favorite game.

Fun And Games gift basket Vancouver

All we want is a little fun, and when received in the form of a gift, why shouldn't we love it? Anything that speaks entertainment can be tossed in to make this best gift baskets Vancouver. Movies, music, books, board games, all of which spell out some family fun make for some great options.

 Picnic Gift Basket gift basket Vancouver

It is not just a great idea to gift a picnic basket to a kid; it is also considered one of the gift ideas for the whole family. It also tops the list in corporate gift ideas due to its usefulness for all age groups. A great picnic gift basket Vancouver should include chocolates, lemon cookies, picnic hamper, chocolate covered nuts, sour balls, cheese sticks, cheese, nuggets, snack mix, and smoked almonds.

 Anniversary gift basket Vancouver

Anniversary is a special time for couples, so when you have been invited to be a part of this special occasion, a champagne and chocolate fondue gift basket Vancouver makes a great gift. If you have the skills, then a basket of handmade scented candles with a candle stand is a great gift idea, indeed.


A basket full of delectable sweet treats like chewy cookies, brownies, chocolate wafer cookies, chocolate and milk bars, and assorted dry fruits would be a treat for the whole family. A gift basket Vancouver of homemade cookies and cakes also makes a great and thoughtful homemade gift for the couple.

Of Good Times and Memories

Depending on your relationship with the receiver, a basket full of your memories together is simply the most thoughtful thing you could give anyone. Of course, this will have a memory album with pictures of all your good times, perhaps a journal that has an account of all your doings together, an enlarged photograph in a gorgeous picture frame, and a treasure chest full of keep snakes that symbolize your firsts together.

Final words

As mentioned earlier, any Vancouver gift basket is unique as long as you give it enough thought and effort to make the entire process worthwhile. Pick your choice from these ideas, and utilize this valuable opportunity to truly express your feelings with the perfect gift.

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