The date of February 14 is drawing near when you’ll either be presenting a beautiful gift to that special person in your life or come up empty-handed Well, the later scenario will make you look muddle-headed cheap, uncaring or all of the above. On the other hand, the former scenario will elevate your stature in the recipient eyes. For this purpose, you need to prepare well in advance to buy a precious gift for a reasonable price. However, you need not to worry in presence of one stop online gift basket shop Three White Doves. You can buy all types of exotic and economical Valentine's Day gift basket in Canada and USA from this online store.

For several people, a Valentine's Day gift-basket is advantageous. Readymade gift baskets available online in Canada and USA save one from the problem of choice. One of the most significant features of these Valentine's Day gift baskets is that you can order them online and get them delivered on Valentine's Day.

One day a year, love is everywhere. Couples want to find just the perfect memento to express their love for each other. These gift basket ideas for Valentine’s Day will help you decide on a gift that will show your Valentine just how much he or she is loved.

Edible gift basket on Valentine’s Day

A gift basket of candy is one of the most popular gift ideas for Valentine’s Day. You can give an extravagant-looking basket of chocolate treats or a chocolate heart-shaped cookie-cake. A chocolate hamper filled with some of the best chocolates and sweets qualifies as a great gift basket. An assortment of chocolates, including a variety of milk and dark chocolates, creams, caramels, and nut-filled ones would be a great delight for chocolate lovers on Valentine's Day. A cute candy gift is a box of personalized pink-and-white M&Ms.

Spa gift basket on Valentine’s Day

For your special lady, gift ideas for Valentine’s Day could center on putting together a pretty spa basket for her, filled with her beauty-spa favorites, such as bubble bath, bath salts, body lotion, body wash, a bar of oatmeal soap, a soft sponge, a scrub brush and a bath pillow.

An ideal gift basket for a girlfriend on Valentine's Day could feature an assortment of all natural soaps, herbal body scrub, herbal massage oil, and candles. Gift baskets for a male friend could include men's toiletries.

Beer gift basket on Valentine’s Day


If the way to his heart is his stomach, give the guy in your life a metal bucket of international beers, cheese, crackers and salami. He can fill the bucket with ice, drop in the beers and enjoy to his heart’s content.

Wine, Cheese and Truffles gift basket on Valentine’s Day

Another one of the tastier gift basket ideas for Valentine’s Day is a basket of his or her favorite wine, cheeses, exotic crackers and a box of truffles. Your special foodie will love this one!

 Novelty gift basket on Valentine’s Day

Novelty gift baskets are the gift for the guy who has everything. Choose a theme near and dear to his heart, like golf, fishing, the NFL, or beer. Today you can even create your own gift basket quite easily on many websites, allowing you to pick and choose only his favorites. Take it a step further and personalize Valentine’s Day gift baskets with lingerie or a note with a secret rendezvous...

How to give your gift basket a unique touch

You have the checklist in your hands and everything seems to be in place: the basket, wrapping paper, chocolate, sweets, a stuffed toy, maybe a gift card, jewelry perhaps and then you realize that this has been the same kind of items that your partner sees every 14th of the month since you've been together.
Here are 5 items that you can include which will surely make this year's gift basket a keeper:

  1. A poem or anything that unleashes the inner poet in you - "I made this basket especially for you, to prove that I can labor for a love so true". You know you can do better than that! Don't copy the Hallmark style of overly intricate word arrangement. Do it in your own way, even if it doesn't come too good or rhyme too well, your partner will surely appreciate the thought and the effort that came with your "poem".
  2. Pictures of you made funny or arranged romantically - You can gather photos, or print if it's on your phone or PC and then create funny designs such as speech bubbles or funny add-ons; you can even Photoshop if you know how to. You can also create romantic ones by arranging it with hearts, flowers or love quotes. It will surely be a surprise to hear the laughs and see the smiles when those moments will be recalled.

  1. For HIM: Is he a wine lover? Does he love a particular sport like rock climbing or hiking? Is he into video games? If you know what he wants then you'll know what to put in that he'll like. But how will you make it memorable? Go online, ask his friends, check the store and look for items that are not commonly associated with the thing he likes but is still a part of it. He'll be surprised how you knew of such connections between his hobby and passion. If, for example, he likes baseball, go and look for baseball cards that he'll never thought you'd know how to find. That moment of bewilderment is surely something to look forward to!
  2. For HER: It may be the time now to venture into the twilight zone of the mall's cosmetics department, ladies shoes and sandals shop, specialty lingerie store and other places you would never want your friends to catch you red-handed. It's time to go beyond the flowers and the chocolates. You'll really see the joy in her eyes once she sees her favorite mascara, lipstick, sandals and even her favorite color nightgown.
  3. Tickets to a show or a concert- If your partner thinks that your Valentine’s Day gift basket is the last thing you have for that special day, then it will be a joy to know that there will be another moment where you can bond after enjoying the treats on the basket. It will also give the impression that it is not just a one-time engagement but a continuous one- after all, you'll still have a concert to go to.

Surely, that smile and the glowing eyes of your partner are worth all the expenses and the troubles you'll go through for making the gift basket a truly unique one. After all, love is priceless.

After you've added a few special twists for your partner, don't forget the others in your life...a thoughtful gift for Mom, Teacher, Pastor or anyone you care about are Valentine Day Gift Baskets chuck full of nature's love...fruit, gourmet nuts, cheese and lots of other goodies - This is always a crowd pleaser! Good luck in your Valentine Day shopping venture! Don’t forget to tell us what you’re planning to buy this Valentine’s Day!