Through the years, Christmas gift baskets have become one of the most popular Christmas gifts people give and receive all over the world. Because of its versatility, Christmas gift baskets are among the favorite gifts people give out to their friends, family, officemates, clients, and business associates. These gift baskets--which contain goodies perfect for the season--are usually themed so it's up to what would you want to put inside it.


Christmas gift baskets originated from what people call "food gift baskets"--a way of delivering food and other presents. Since people started giving these special baskets in one of the most anticipated times of the year--Christmas--Christmas gift baskets have become a popular gift item the whole year round.

Many people would agree that Christmas gift baskets were definitely an idea of an inspired person who is fond of giving special gifts to people. Being one of the ideal gifts of choices of people in this very special occasion, Christmas gift baskets have earned patronage of those who are fond of giving gifts to a group of people so as not to offend somebody when he/she gives individual gifts. This is also perfect for those groups of people who would want to give a gift for a special person like their bosses or executives.

Today, more and more companies offer a wide variety of choices when it comes to Christmas gift baskets. Statistics show that these companies offer more than a hundred choices in Christmas gift baskets selections that include a fruit selection, chocolates selection, a selection of books, stationary, pictures/posters of popular or particular cartoon or literary character like Bugs Bunny or Snow White, a selection of gourmet foods stocked in elegant picnic or baskets or hampers, snacks, nuts or different cheeses basket selection, a movie-night basket selection that usually includes cds or vcds, popcorns and powdered drinks, and many others.

If you want your Christmas gift to be more intimate or personalized, you can customize a Christmas gift basket. Aside from planning ahead and watching out for items on sale, here are some helpful tips that can guide you in creating that special Christmas gift basket:

  1. Take note of themed basket ideas. If you are not familiar with the interests of the recipient, opt for fairly gender-neutral items but make sure that add personal touches for a masculine or feminine feel to it.
  2. Consider the recipient's hobbies. You can create a Christmas gift basket depending on the interest of the one who will receive it. Knowing his/her hobbies or interest can help you choose the items you will put inside the Christmas gift basket.
  3. Try to mix and match. Buying items in bulk can help you minimize your cost because you can split them up in different baskets.
  4. Be resourceful, recycle! Try looking around the house for used baskets and redecorate them. If there's none, search for attractive baskets at garage sales, thrift shops, and consignment stores.
  5. Do the Math. Segregate the most expensive items from the least expensive ones. Pair the more expensive items with items that can be found in the local stores.

December-The month of gift baskets

Chocolate is one of the most popular items to be included in the Christmas gift baskets. It is available in various forms like chocolate cookies, truffles, brownies, chocolate chips etc. and very often are supplemented by butter cream cookies. Most of these gift baskets contain a central larger cookie which displays messages like 'season's greetings' or 'merry Christmas' and vice versa. Very often these cookies are individually decorated by hand which gives it an exquisite look and these Christmas gift baskets are also decorated beautifully with ribbons and the cookies are also decorated and arranged in the form of a bouquet to give the impression of a flower arrangement which adds to the beauty of the Christmas gift basket. Chocolate swizzles, chocolate dipped strawberries, almonds and coconut shavings are also popular ingredients of the Christmas gift baskets. While it is true that Christmas signifies celebration and bonding, many professional organizations and companies also make arrangements for gifting its various employees and clients with customized Christmas gift baskets. These are very popular in the west and are considered as significant means of forging relationships. Ghirardelli is a popular landmark of San Francisco and Ghirardelli chocolates are prevalently used in decorating the gift baskets. In Christmas gift baskets too, these chocolates are used along with caramel clusters, crackers and cheese. Different kinds of candies, nuts and cookies are also included within the Christmas gift baskets.The month of December is heralds the coming of Christmas and amidst the western cultures, Christmas is celebrated as the biggest festival in the year. Christmas, which celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, is one of the premier festivals and therefore it is no wonder that during Christmas gift baskets are very much in demand. It is the time when gifts are exchanged between the people and gift baskets are often considered to be one of the most perfect presents to be handed over to one's close relatives and even acquaintances. It is to be noted that Christmas is held in the month of December which encompasses the winter season and also at the same it ushers the coming of the New Year. Therefore the various gift items within the gift baskets are made up of items that emit the flavor of the season.

Christmas also marks the beginning of the holiday season and therefore Christmas gift baskets are also designed for the holiday goers specifically and these include chocolate cookies, cherries and overall an assortment of fine chocolate varieties.

Give Christmas Gift Baskets with a Personal Touch

A Christmas gift basket can use anything that will hold your gift items, and does not necessarily have to be an actual basket. Try to be creative and think of containers, such as, wire containers, ceramic pots, buckets, planters, etc. You get the picture!If you believe that Christmas gifts should be more personal than an off-the-shelf sale item, than Christmas gift baskets may be just the solution. A gift basket can be tailored to the likes of the recipient and can be as elaborate or simple as you desire.

Now your next step will be to determine what your friend or family member's interests or hobbies may be. Can you think of gift items that would fit into this theme?

A golfer would appreciate golf balls, tees, a golf towel and a special ball marker. A chocolate lover would crave high quality chocolates, special individual hot chocolate packets, chocolate cookies, or chocolate ice cream topping. These are just a few ideas that can help get your creative juices flowing with your own themed Christmas gift basket.

Remember that the more personalized you can make your Christmas basket, the more the person will cherish the thought and effort that went into the making of the gift.

Once you decide on your theme, you will need to start filling your basket or container. Line the bottom of the basket with a decorative holiday tinsel, foil, fabric, or tissue to provide the traditional appearance of the holiday season.

Generally, you should center the biggest or tallest gift items in the middle of the basket and work out from there. Make sure that the lower items all face outward, so the basket will look attractive from every angle. Your items can be secured to the basket and each other using some form of packing tape or skewers, if needed.

Now for the finishing touches! To set off the overall Christmas theme, try enhancing the exterior of the basket using candy canes, wrapped chocolate Santa's, small pine cones, Christmas ornaments, bows or groupings of cinnamon sticks tied with red ribbon. This will give your basket a joyous look of the holiday season.

A nice wrapping of the basket can be accomplished with a red, green, or clear cellophane tied at the top with a bright red or green bow. If you want to add a little something extra to your basket, why not add a small stuffed reindeer, Santa, snowman or angel to the handle of the basket. It is really the icing on the (fruit) cake.