Chrismats Candles

Christmas is not only an exciting time for children but it is a thrilling time for all of us. It’s hard not to get in the jolly spirit when writing your Christmas list, watching your favorite movie, eating a delicious pack of dark chocolates and decorating your house. And the most emotional time is when you put on your new Christmas dress and open up the Christmas gift baskets that have been tempting you from under the tree. Of course, all of us go through different emotions, feelings and experiences when ripping off these exotic Christmas gift baskets.

Let’s us cast a glance at the emotions all of us go through when opening up their best Christmas gift baskets.


First of all, we are not sure what would be there in the beautifully wrapped gift baskets. Well, we can make guesses but, of course, there is no surety. You are a little nervous to open this one because you cannot even guess what it is.


You might be looking for high-quality chocolates in the Christmas gift basket or you might be looking for your favorite candies. The gift tag says it was from Santa, so you have no clue what is going on. So you stay confused until you open your Christmas gift basket.


Cry of joy! Hurrah! You got what you wanted. You could not admit your likings publically but your mom knew what you’re expecting in the Christmas gift basket. Bring on more presents, things are great!


All of us expect many gifts at the auspicious event of Christmas. So, being a human, we first count the quantity not the quality. Look at how many Christmas gift baskets there are! There are all these Christmas gift baskets hiding on the other side of the tree that you didn’t notice before. OMG! What is that pretty Christmas gift basket in the corner? Fingers crossed it is for you.


As a child, we are always in a hurry to open our Christmas gifts. Where is everybody?! You have been waiting here for a whole ten minutes. They said that they are going to open the Christmas gift baskets but now all of them seen busy. It is not going to work for you. Feeling anxious! But you’ve to control your emotions right now and be patient for a while; all of them are coming to open the Christmas gift baskets.


Who was it that decided someone other than you should go first? Of course they had to pick your cousin who hasn’t figured out how to properly unwrap a present. He is taking ages to un-wrap her gift because he is trying to save the paper for next year. Ugh. If this goes on any longer, you are going to go over there and rip it off yourself.