Christmas festivities and traditions can be traced back to the story of nativity. It is celebrated as the birth of Christ Jesus in Bethlehem. Over the years, various Christmas traditions have accumulated and evolved. Back then, it was just a simple yuletide log, then the beautifully adorned Christmas tree, followed by the snowmen and winding up to the present day’s icicle lights. If you’re living in Ottawa, you can’t miss Ottawa gift baskets for Christmas.

Christmas is the most celebrated and popular Christian holiday throughout the world. The Christmas season is not only observed by purely Catholics and Christians but even other non Christian countries celebrate it, too. Christmas being the birth of our Lord, Jesus, is full of different festivities and cultural celebration. But much of the popularity is given credit to the commercial promotion it is given, especially in Canada and USA. A few centuries back, other religions like the Protestants were not into Christmas celebration. In fact, Christmas was treated as an ordinary working day to them. It was observed in church liturgies but no more than that. Not until the nineteenth century, where Christmas has gained focus and attention, marking the season with family celebration and gift giving.

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Ottawa Ontario gift baskets during Christmas

Among the many traditions that the Christmas season brings us is the all time best Ottawa gift basket giving activity. Who on earth does not want to receive Ottawa Christmas gift baskets during Christmas or any other occasion for that matter. That is why when we think about the unique Ottawa gift baskets to give; we have to make sure that what we give is what the recipient really wants. But sometimes, with the numerous people that needs to be given gift baskets, having to think of an item causes burden to givers. With Christmas, turning into a commercial holiday, so many Internet sites like THREE WHITE DOVES are offering the most practical gift one could ever give – Ottawa Christmas gift baskets.

Why Christmas mean giving gift baskets in Ottawa?

The gift giving tradition during Christmas is meant to remind people back to the time when the Magi’s journeyed to Bethlehem to present gifts to Christ, as an infant. Although many people still celebrate Ottawa Canada gift baskets giving tradition during the Magi’s arrival or Three King’s Day, the practice was steered way back to the secularized holiday, Christmas Day. Gift giving ultimately became the center of Christmas’ tradition in the 18th century when stores popularized Santa Claus as the gift bearer and stores allowed until the eve of Christmas to allow the purchase of presents by last minute shoppers.

Ideally, for most people who want to avoid the Christmas rush, shopping for presents should begin as early as summer. This is to avoid stress and hassle as well as save money. This also avoids pressure on them searching for the ideal gift to give to their loved ones. Who doesn’t want the perfect presents for their beloved ones? Nowadays, most people go for simple and practical gifts. Some best Ottawa gift basket ideas are:

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Best Toys gift basket Ottawa

Best Accessories gift basket Ottawa

Best Electronic Gadgets gift basket Ottawa

Best Gourmet Food gift basket Ottawa

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Best Assorted wine gift basket Ottawa

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Best fruit gift basket Ottawa

Best spa gift basket Ottawa

Best beauty and skin care gift basket Ottawa

Best Assorted chewy cookie bouquets gift basket Ottawa

Best Chocolates and candies gift basket Ottawa

Best Assortment of nuts gift basket Ottawa

Ottawa Christmas Gift Baskets with nuts

Various nuts which are believed to be a powerful antioxidant contain plant sterol that is helpful in lowering one’s cholesterol level. It also reduces one’s risk of having heart diseases and gallstones. So the nut is an excellent item you can fill your Ottawa valley gift baskets. The nuts which are a great topping for salads would make your best Ottawa Ontario gift baskets suited for the season. Aside from the mouth watering candied nuts, you can fill the gift baskets in Ottawa with other tasty dishes such as roasted nuts, flavored pecan nuts, pecan nuts brownies or pecan pies.

Only at Three White Doves, will you find Ottawa gift baskets of this kind. They have a selection of favorite treats you can put in your gift baskets. You don’t have to look further; everything that you will need will be satisfied at Three White Doves.

Some Ottawa Gift Basket Ideas

Fruit Gift Baskets Ottawa

Gather an assortment of fruits suitable for your cheap Ottawa gift baskets. Look for fruits that are in season so that you will have a guaranteed fresh produce. It will be a good gift especially if the receiver is health conscious.

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 Gourmet Gift Baskets Ottawa

This is an excellent package. Choose the most delicious yet healthy food you can grab. You can buy one from Three White Doves.

 Goodies Gift Baskets Ottawa

There are so many items that you can include here. Chocolates, cookies, candies, and other pastries! Forget about the diet. Whoever receives this Ottawa Christmas gift basket will appreciate the giver.

 Wine and cheese Gift Baskets Ottawa

It may be a single bottle, with some nuts, or you may give more than one. It’s Christmas and it’s the season for drinking, isn’t it?

 Specialty Gift Baskets Ottawa

A very practical Ottawa gift basket would contain items truly depicting the Christmas Season.

Important Tips in Buying Ottawa Gift Baskets

  1. Never be afraid to request for customization

You may not believe this, but most of the companies specializing in Ottawa gift baskets are very much willing to get a few items replaced or add other items in them. Just make sure you give your request ahead of time and that you are willing to pay the extra fee for items added. For the best customized Ottawa gift basket, visit Three White Doves.

  1. Be practical

 When you choose Ottawa gift baskets, make sure that the basket itself can be useful even if after the items have been consumed. The container you may use can be a decorative wooden box, a tin can or wicker baskets. Gift baskets in Ottawa are made of wicker is guaranteed to last long since they are made from rattan, the material used in some furniture.

  1. Look for ready to go same delivery Ottawa gift baskets

If it is possible, try to look for Christmas gift baskets that are put together only when you do the purchasing. This is better than those ready to go gift baskets. In this way, you will be guaranteed with new and fresh items and also, you are assured that every item is worth the cost.

Don’t forget to check on Three White Doves for the holiday goodies you wish your loved one could have for the Christmas holidays. We have all the best Ottawa gift baskets in town, containing all the favorite treats you always dream of.

Christmas is right around the corner, so give the gift of love with Christmas Gift Baskets. Three White Doves ( is loaded with Christmas Food Gift Baskets.