It is not easy to select the Christmas gift that will please everyone. We never know if the gift will be appreciated by its recipient. How many times have you received a gift that is never emerged out of the cupboard in which you put it?

I myself received hundreds of gifts that I do not use, especially at Christmas time. And I didn't mention the decorative objects that I do not know what to do with because they do not match the decor of my house or simply because I have no place to put them.

This year, try to give useful and/or consumable Christmas gifts. By giving something useful and consumable such as skin care products or food products, you are sure that your gift will be appreciated. Christmas gift baskets are the solution.

Christmas is an incredible time of the year. It's a time for family celebrations and a time of giving and receiving gifts. We often send greetings to those who have become special in our lives and we are warmed by the knowledge that friends and family everywhere, are also sharing in the season's happiness. Many of us have learned that a wonderful way to express our feelings during this wonderful time of year is by sending or giving a special Christmas gift basket to our loved ones.

A Christmas gift basket may be assembled by the giver or purchased already put together. Many times, it is given during the holidays, is filled with edible items. These unique baskets may also be filled with items that are individualized for the recipient as well. There are certain foods and drinks that are simply perfect to add and are very versatile and may be appreciated by almost anyone. Let's take a look at some of the best items to include in a Christmas gift basket.

Processed Meats - A Popular Choice For A Gift Baskets

One of the best things to include in the basket is processed meat. Meats such as ham and sausage are many times, popular ingredients for holiday meals. Prepared meat is as convenient as it is delicious which makes it an especially good Christmas gift basket ingredient. These prepared meats can be cooked or frozen for the convenience of the recipient. Many give cooked processed meats which can be consumed upon receiving them.

Delicious Cakes and Bakery Items Make A Gift Basket Special

A very common cake which is often given during the holidays is fruit cake. These are delicious and enjoyed for their unusual fruity flavor. Of course, fruit cake isn't the only type of cake or pastry which may be included. Yule Logs are also a popular choice as well as cookies and bars. Even a corporate Christmas basket can be filled with delicious muffins and festive cookies as well as packaged drink items.

"Rustic Gourmet":

Varnish a wooden wine case, use a "rustic oak" tinted varnish

Fill the case with decorative straw, unbleached silk or crepe paper

Add the following products:

- Three bottles of wine (red, rose and white)

- A pot of fat liver

- A pot of deer pate,

- A pot of wild boar

- Three jars of wine jelly (red, rose and white)

- A pot of onion confit

- Truffles

Economic Option:

- A bottle of sweetened white wine

- A pot of deer paté

- A pot of wild boar

- A jar of wine jelly

"I Love Chocolate":

Use a metallic box and fill it with pink silk or crepe paper

Add the following products:

- A bottle of chocolate liquor

- 250 g Leonidas chocolates

- Chocolate bars - perhaps Côte d'Or Special Edition

- A natural cocoa box,

- Boxes of fruit, flower or citrus flavored sugar

"Espana Por Favor":

In a metallic basket, place red and yellow silk or crepe paper

Add the following products:

- A bottle of Ponche

- A bottle of "Sangre de Toro" wine

- A pata negra ham or serrano ham

- A chorizo

- A "Manchego" cheese

- A bottle of Spanish olive oil

- Almond Turron

- An assortment of Christmas cookies (Surtido de Navidad)

"Provence" (skin care):

Cover a shoebox with Special Christmas gift wrap

Line the inside with colorful silk paper

Surround the box with a wide colored ribbon

Put a towel of the same color

Add the following products:

- A Marseilles scented soap

- A shower gel

- A box of bath salts

- A bottle of body scented oil

- A bottle of floral water

- A horsehair glove

"Belgian Beer Discovery" Gift Basket:

Use a wooden shelf and put the bottles on it. Belgium produces more than 680 different sorts of high quality beers that satisfy all tastes, the choice is yours.

You can easily create a themed gift baskets set; do not hesitate to create a gift basket for whiskey, cigar, great music, book amateurs... you are only limited by your imagination.

Creating Christmas Gift Baskets

If you've ever ordered gift baskets online you've probably noticed that those that are well thought out and presented are very often quite expensive. With that in mind, have you ever considered creating your own Christmas gift baskets? You can make them quite easily by selecting a theme and buying gifts and products to compliment that them. Baskets can be found quite inexpensively at local craft stores or can be purchased in bulk online. Another thing you can do is recycle your own baskets. You can spray paint them to cover up any potential flaws and add decorative wrapping, ribbons, bows, and/or tinsel in order to complete the look.

Perhaps the easiest Christmas baskets to assemble revolve around food. You can check out gourmet food sites online for ideas and inspiration revolving around the idea of elegant gourmet gift baskets for Christmas. Some great things to include in your gourmet gift basket include: gourmet cheeses, crackers, and/or wine; gourmet coffees with mugs and perhaps coffee stirrers; a pasta basket with flavored olive oil, sun dried tomatoes, or special blends of Italian seasonings--the possibilities are limitless.

Christmas baskets that include bath, body, and or beauty products are also a great gift idea. You can really have fun with these baskets by creating a theme. If you're going for a Hawaiian theme you could include pineapple soap, a loofah, orchid body spray, and perhaps coconut shampoo. You could elect a spa theme and include bath bombs, salts, scrubs, and a nice back brush. You could also create a cosmetic basket with ingredients such as nail polishes, lips sticks, brushes, and other essential beauty accoutrement.

If you're really creative you can create gift baskets around the hobbies of those on your list. For the movie buff you can create a gift basket with DVDs, popcorn, and other essential movie snacks. For the Horse lover, you could include a DVD or book about horses, a horseshoe key chain, or mug or calendar that features horses. For the ice skater on your Christmas list you could include extra laces, pretty gloves to wear while skating, and some nice warm cocoas or ciders to warm them up after their time on the ice. If you are going to be attending Christmas dinner be sure to bring the hostess a basket of goodies to share and perhaps a nice bottle of wine to have with dinner.

If you don’t want to spend time and energy on creating a Christmas gift basket on your own, feel free to order one from THREE WHITE DOVES and you’ll never get disappointed.