One of the most exciting occasions for kids is the celebration of their birthday. Every year they are expecting birthday gifts from their parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters. These gifts coming from their love ones made their birthday a special one. Their friends are also excited to find and buy a perfect gift for them and this makes the celebration very exciting. Kids birthday gift baskets in Canada loaded with favorite, cherished and special things could be a great gift idea.


Even though people might like celebrating their 80th or 90th birthday with full enthusiasm, birthdays are enjoyable to the max when they are little kids. In general, children are seen to be more excited about their birthdays rather than adults. And why shouldn't they be? The thought of people coming over (with presents!) to have a good time is surely an exciting picture to imagine. When you think about presenting a gift to a child, you are very likely to be confused about what to buy. Let the following ideas for kids birthday gift baskets help you out.

Kids’ birthday gift baskets are the objects that bring together kids' favorite things and present them with love. In older days, these baskets were considered to be gifts that were to be presented in formal gatherings. Today, there is no such obligation. Gift baskets are sure to attract children and are perfect for a Kodak moment at their birthday party.

Gift baskets featuring Disney characters can be used to please the child easily. Hannah Montana gift baskets are excellent birthday gifts for girls. The rock star has proved to be the most hyped celebrity for children. A variety of accessories featuring her will surely make up a nice gift. Included in the basket are color pens, color books, crayons, sticker sheets and sticker cards, a guitar-shaped keychain, a memo board, and more memorabilia which feature the teen rock star. This will make up an excellent gift for a Hannah Montana fan.

For boys, the choice is not the least bit limited. For all the boys who love sports, you can present soccer, basketball or baseball gift baskets. These will contain playing cards, soft balls, storybooks, bookmarks, sticker books, markers and colored pens, activity books, bobbing heads and a lot more. The amount of accessories is endless in these! Kids’ birthday gift baskets can also feature other famous characters and events such as NASCAR, Spiderman and Disney Pixar Cars.


Baskets containing different accessories like the ones in the SpongeBob Ultimate gift basket, Dora the Explorer Accessories set and the Disney Princess gift baskets are surely a nice way to teach self grooming to little children. Consisting of gels, shampoos, body wash, body lotions, toothpaste and a toothbrush cup, these baskets will make up amazing birthday gifts. Kids’ birthday gift baskets for slumber parties, such as the Hannah Montana slumber party basket, is also a good option. This consists of a cuddly fleece blanket, hand-held games, activity books, colored pens, an LED flash light and a lot more. In all, this will be a two-in-one package, a birthday gift, as well as something useful for a slumber party.

Newborn birthday gift basket Canada

There are many occasions in a newborn baby's early months to celebrate but none are quite as significant as the first birthday. The first night home from the hospital, christenings and first outfits are all worth celebrating but that first birthday is a milestone to remember and baby boy and baby girl gift baskets are great gift ideas to lavish the young one with practical and special gifts.

When shopping for a first birthday gift basket know how far the child has progressed in the first year and pick gift baskets accordingly. Some baby gift baskets are specially designed for newborns and have gifts that are more practical for parents including diaper cakes, baby wipes and burp cloths. But if the boy or girl celebrating their first birthday has shown early signs of development and progress then now is a good time to introduce them to plush toys including stuffed animals and teddy bears, soft books and clothing outfits.

At age one baby boys and girls are starting to discover the world around them after several months of napping and sleeping. They are curious to new sights and sounds and love to explore with their hands, feet and teeth. Choosing special baby gift baskets that are full of toys and accessories that encourage discovery are great for a baby celebrating his or her first birthday. Clutch toys, plush toys and soft toys including books and puzzles are all appropriate ideas for a one year old and will act as games and safe objects for him or her to chew on.

birthday for kids

If the birthday boy or girl doesn't have a cuddly best friend already then now is a great time to provide them with a gift basket theme centering on teddy bears, monkeys and safari animals. These plush stuffed animal gifts form the centerpiece for many baby gift basket themes and are terrific clutch toys that keep their little hands and fingers occupied and provide them with a special friend to cuddle up with during naps. From traditional teddy bears and Curious George monkeys to exotic dragons and dinosaurs there are an amazing selection from which to choose when shopping for a baby's first friend.

Another practical and cool gift idea for a baby celebrating their first birthday is unique clothing outfits that reflect their budding personalities. Granted it's still too early to impose roles and expectations on the toddler but they will begin to demonstrate characteristics that will tip you off on what kind of outfits to buy. Maybe she will be into dress up and a gift basket with princess and ballerina outfits will provide hours of fun. Likewise maybe he is already showing an aptitude for athletics and a designer baby track suit or cute baseball outfit will delight and entertain him throughout any sporting season.

A birthday should be as magical as can be. A basket displaying children's favorite characters will be the center of the entire adoration from the child as he/she would desperately wait to unwrap it. With such birthday gifts, the birthday is sure to turn even more magical as it spreads a smile across the child's face and creates a picture perfect memory!

Bottom line:

You can purchase different kinds of kid’s birthday gift baskets that are either pre-designed or customized and designed based from what you want it to be look like. Some of the gift baskets that can be usually found at the above-mentioned companies include dried fruits, Grilling, sweets, spa, popcorn, pizza, fruits, Italian, coffee, cookies, and chocolate. And since kids love wonderful gift designs, you may select for baskets that were designed by different individuals from different countries. Kids will also love to receive chocolates with mugs and gourmet cookies that are offered by the dream maker gift baskets. Now if you want to present gifts that are something educational, you may order books from the book baskets. You have many options of books to choose from, you may select those books that you think might catch the attention of the kid to read it. Together with the chosen books you get in the basket are pen, personal journal, bookmarks and clips.

Among all other options of birthday gifts, kids’ birthday gift baskets can be considered as the most exceptional. Kids are for sure tired and get bored in receiving some ordinary gift toys like cars with remote control, helicopter, an airplane, swords dolls, kitchen set, and any other common toys available in the market. With these gift baskets, you can complete the day of the birthday celebrant who will receive this exciting gift. So make sure to select gift basket according to hobbies and interests of the kids to make the gift more exciting to them.
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