Christmas Gift BasketsDuring the holidays, corporate clients are an important aspect of your gift giving agenda. These customers have been loyal to you all year long and have probably contributed greatly to your bottom line. Now it’s your turn to show them that you care about their business and care about their loyalty. What better way than with holiday gift baskets?There are several advantages to providing corporate gifts to customers in Canada and USA.

These gifts can be delivered to show appreciation to loyal customers; recognize employee achievements; or as a trade show giveaway to generate new clientele.

Holiday gift baskets come in many shapes and sizes, but one thing almost everyone can agree on is a basket comprised of sweet goodies that can be shared with the entire staff.

Here are some things to look for when purchasing holiday gift baskets for your corporate clients:


During the holidays, budgets are always on the top of your mind especially if you have more than one corporate client. You don’t want to appear cheap and buy just any type of holiday gift baskets in Canada and USA, but on the other hand, you don’t want to blow your budget and not have enough left to impress all of your top clients. The key is to find a middle ground between price and function. What will duly impress your client with your thoughtfulness and at the same time not empty your pocketbook. You may have to do some shopping around, but finding the perfect holiday gift baskets can be done.


holiday gift baskets

Another important aspect of purchasing the perfect gift basket in Canada and USA is finding one with lots of variety. You want to not only impress the client, but also impress the staff that will undoubtedly partake in the goodies found inside. Look for holiday gift baskets that have multiple items inside, not just one or two. This way, everyone can enjoy something in the basket.


Remember, these holiday gift baskets are for your top clients. You want to make sure they are as beautiful as they are functional. Many of your clients will display the basket in the front lobby or in a prominent position at their place of business. You want to make sure their basket is attractive and well put together. When your client’s customers come in, you want to elicit “oo’s and ah’s” so that your client will feel proud of the gift you gave them. Also, this could lead other customers to your door for future business, just on your attention to detail in the gift.

What’s inside?

Make sure that there is something for everyone in your gift basket. Most people love chocolate, so sending a Sweet Treat Basket filled with fudge, brownies and candied pecans is sure to satisfy every sweet tooth in the office. You want to look for a gift basket that has a wide assortment of gifts so that everyone is satisfied with your selection.

Holiday gift baskets are a great gift for everyone on your shopping list, but especially your corporate clients. This eliminate you having to run all over town looking for a gift, only to take it to a shipping center to send it off. Now you can shop online from Three White Doves and with the click of a mouse send your top customers a gift they are sure to love.

Some cool ideas for corporate gift basket

Corporate gifts are a great way to express good wishes to co-workers. They are also a way of showing goodwill at work and especially on special occasions. These gifts can include a wide variety of items. Anything goes, from stationery to gourmet items. Here are some ideas for corporate gifts.

Stationery is the first thing that comes to mind when talking about corporate gifts. When you are considering that ensure that you put your special stamp on the gift. It is a nice touch if you personalize it. Notebooks, pens or organizers carrying the names of employees are a great way of doing this. All of these items make very good presents. Even better, make a complete stationary set, all personalized. Include what you want, pen, ruler, decorative paper and envelopes or even a labeled blank CD, can all make the gift look nice and classy.

Other ideas may be bookends and paperweights. Of course you can also give a book, such as a novel or a reference work that you think will be appreciated. More stationary items you can include in a gift set may be pen holders or stands. Give them separate or combine the items in a way that you feel will make the best gift.

Other ideas to make an office desk look great are desk clocks or calendars personalized and carrying a corporate logo. Throw in a key chain, bottle opener or water bottle. Of course do not forget the old all time favorite, the coffee mug.

Like the typewriter, calculators fall into the category that we could term great inventions of the past that had its day. That is a pity because it made such a great little gadget to give someone. However there is no need to despair because technology brings us little gadgets and gizmos every day that make great presents. Depending on your budget you can go from water coolers to iPods or laptops. Coolers or warmers for drinks connecting through a USB port are becoming very popular.

Christmas Gift Baskets

Speaking of a USB port, considering a flash drive sounds like a good idea. Give it a company logo and personalize it.

Mind you, one can pick up some very nice cell phones that do not cost the world. Place it in a sturdy little leather bag with the necessary message printed on it. Another idea in this line would be a free set of mobile phone speakers.

Quality bags of some kind are another good present. These may be a wallet, briefcases or bags for luggage. They are handy when the job is travel related or requires a lot of traveling. These bag type gifts can be quite classy if they have a leather look or come in tasteful colors.

Another direction you can take is to think taste buds. Fruit baskets make good gifts and a box of chocolates may be old fashioned but a lot of people will gladly forgive that the moment they open it. Wine or liquor sets can be a good idea too or combine chocolate and champagne and give chocolate truffles. Then there are ham and cheese baskets or a basket including different kinds of snacks like crisps, or chocolates.

When it comes to corporate gifts, the possibilities are really endless.

Final thought

Even though business gifts are appropriate corporate gifts, it is important to think about your customers and their common hobbies or interests. Investing in merchandise that appeal to the majority of your audience is a smart way to save money while offering goods that people enjoy.

Furthermore, consider the occasion where gifts will be provided. To buy holiday gift basket in Canada and USA, you can contact us. You just need to select a gift basket and we will send it to your valuable client on your behalf.