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Toronto gift baskets are a special and personalized gift to give a special person. Gift baskets in Toronto are perfect for all occasions, however. They can be sent for holidays, special occasions, or even as an apology. Best gift baskets Toronto can be a way to say thank you to certain people, such as a great secretary or a helpful mentor.

In the traditional sense, a gift basket in Toronto has been filled with small presents for the receiver. This can range from snacks and food products to mementos to other useful items such as teacups. The container, the budget, and imagination are the only limits to what can be included in Toronto gift hampers.

Items included in gift baskets are unlimited. These items usually include foods, such as jellies, snacks, teas, crackers, and wine possibly with wineglasses. Candy, cookies, and cheeses are found in many gift baskets. People can also add loofahs, soaps, candles, baby items, flowers, or books.

Most Toronto gift baskets include some type of embellishment that makes it seem more special. This can be silk flowers or fruit or tinsel. These decorations will brighten the gift and make it more attractive to the recipient. Online Toronto gift baskets are a joy to give and receive.

Gift hampers in Toronto have a long legacy that spans years and cultures. There is a large religious background. The earliest account of a gift arriving in a hamper is the basket of young plants the pagan goddess Eostre carried to be used as a sacred offering. Some scholars argue the place of Eostre in Easter history, but this is the source of the idea of what came to be the modern Easter gift basket.


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In the Old Testament, there is a story of Moses' mother placing the infant Moses in a wicker basket. She hid the basket in the reeds on the river's edge so the daughter of the Egyptian royal family would find him. Eventually, the queen took Moses into her custody and protection.

The concept of gift baskets began in France. Baskets full of treats were introduced to England in the 11th century. William the Conqueror brought the first gift baskets to England. The word hamper is derived from the French word hanapier which means a case for goblets.

The baskets were used to transport food and wine on long journeys across land and sea in this era one thousand years ago. Wicker was the primary material used to create food containers in this period because it was lighter than conventional wood but just as durable.

The Victorian era made gift baskets a popular gift option. It became tradition to send gift baskets at Christmas time. Employers in Victorian times used gift baskets to present their staff with a basket of goodies at Christmas time.

These gift hampers ensured they had a wonderful Christmas with plenty of festive food and drink to enjoy. This is evidenced in A Christmas Carol with Scrooge at the end of the novel.

The development of railways in the 1800s made it easier to send perishable goods in hampers to friends and family around the country. The sending of hamper had been a charitable gesture until then. But a London department store caught onto the idea of sending gift baskets as gifts to loved ones.

Originally, these gift baskets in Toronto were only sent at Christmas time. But soon people realized they could send hampers as an appropriate gift all year around, especially for birthdays. Now people do not have to wait for Christmas to send Toronto Christmas gift baskets. They can be gifts all year around. There is a wider selection of items to include in baskets than ever before.

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Birthday gift baskets in Toronto

Are you tired of giving the same old birthday gifts to your friends and family? If you feel like really lighting up someone's birthday and giving them a really thoughtful, unique present, you may really want to consider gift basket Toronto. As birthday presents, these customized Toronto gift baskets are usually well received. Since they are stuffed full of goodies, they make the birthday celebrant exclaim in surprise and enjoyment upon receiving them. However, if you’re looking for perfect online gift basket in Toronto, visit Three White Doves.

Birthday gift baskets Toronto are incredibly versatile gifts and are a perfect alternative for those in your life celebrating their birthday. No matter what sort of personality or interests the birthday person may have, there is bound to be a hamper that will thrill them. In recent years, popularity has soared for gift baskets Canada wide. In fact, the only trouble you may have in selecting a gift basket for someone's birthday is narrowing down the list of great options!

There are gift baskets Toronto to Suit all Walks of Life -

It can sometimes be tricky when you come across friends, family and co-workers that don't really have an obvious interest you can buy a gift for, which is when gift baskets Toronto can really come to the rescue. That's because there are general birthday gift baskets that have a nice assortment of items suitable for virtually anyone. At the same time, these online Toronto gift baskets are by no means ordinary or generic; rather, they are filled with well thought out items that the recipient is sure to love. Because there are many different items in these gift baskets Canada, the person celebrating the birthday sure to find a gift basket a special touch.

There are also many great themed options available in gift baskets. Perhaps the birthday boy or girl is a huge fan of tea; if this is the case, there are gift baskets available which offer delectable assortments surrounding and supporting tea lovers. Lovers of Chocolate celebrate at the thought of a gift baskets stuffed with chocolaty treats; people who enjoy a good party will love champagne themed gift baskets on their birthday as well.

Why are gift baskets considered to be the perfect gift

Toronto gift baskets make excellent gifts because they are more than just a basket filled with various items; rather, they are designed and laid out for the maximum, pleasing look possible. Many little details go into the making of Toronto gift baskets, making them works of art in many ways. It is not unusual at all for a recipient and other party goers to exclaim in awe over the beauty of a well designed hamper. Bringing such joy to the birthday celebrant is reason enough to give this great gift.

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