Corporate gift basket

You know what is the best weapon at your disposal to quickly, cost effectively and efficiently tell your valuable clients that you are thankful for their business? The answer is quite simple, corporate gift basket. Corporate gift baskets can be the perfect option for present choices, when it comes to deciding what to give to clients. Whether someone in the company puts them together himself, or the company purchases them from a local or online vendor, these can be the ideal present giving option.

Whether the company is recognizing a cigar smoker with an award of some sort, someone’s birthday, or is sending out the typical holiday greeting, including cigars is an idea whose time has come.

Rather than send out a generic card with a generic greeting, pick something like corporate gift baskets that can be personalized with only a tiny bit more effort, like a personalized batch of stogies for a particular client.

Doing a product run that ends up with a hundred (or more) identical coasters, or visors, or cell phone covers, is likely only going to make the recipient feel like the company is trying to brand them. However, if the company provides some delectable treat, like some well-reviewed smokes from a cigar shop, how much different might the response be?



Corporate gift basket

If recipients of corporate gift baskets feel more appreciated due to the present itself, how much more likely is it that they will continue to want to do business with the sending company, and how much more appreciated can one make a smoker feel than by sending him his favorite sticks?

There is not much more a company can do to engender good will than making the customers or clients feel appreciated. If customers feel appreciated, they do not feel that they are just looked at by the corporation as a bunch of dollar signs.

Interestingly enough, feeling that the company is not only out to get their every last dollar might assist in increasing brand loyalty from the clients or customers. Rather than choose something generic just like everyone else, choose to stand out from the crowd and choose a present that can be individualized for the client, like premium stogies.

Of course, corporate gift baskets can come in more generic styles or a more personalized style. Depending on the relationship between the company and the clients, the company will have to decide which is more appropriate.

If a company is sending out presents to hundreds of clients with limited personal knowledge, the more widely appealing present might be the best bet. Someone on the recipient’s end will likely enjoy those stogies even if they are not the most personalized present possible.

However, if the sending company has some personal interactions with the recipients and knows some of the likes and dislikes, the company representative can rarely go wrong choosing something with that particular individual in mind. Do not just send stogies if the particular preferred brand is known. Why send just any smokes if the contact knows that this recipient’s all-time favorite stick is a particular premium option?

Choosing the corporate gift baskets wisely can have some rather far-reaching effects. Most companies would not complain if their presents led the customers to feeling more appreciated and, in turn, continued to work with the company for the foreseeable future.

How to select a corporate gift basket

Offering corporate gift baskets to valued customers and business associates is equally as important as giving gifts to relatives and friends. Everybody appreciates getting merchandise that shows they are appreciated. Taking time to select appropriate items will produce a great deal of goodwill toward your company. Corporate gift baskets can go a long way in strengthening business relationships and helping people remember your brand.

There are many occasions when giving corporate gift baskets are not only appropriate but encouraged! What better way to say “thank you” than with a business to business gift.

There are many other reasons. It’s easy to think giving a corporate gift basket to someone at another business is a good idea but often we overlook those who we work with day to day. These people might always go the extra mile and never takes credit for it. Perhaps there’s a group of employees that worked long hours towards an urgent project. If you can’t afford raises then at least acknowledge the extra effort with a gift basket to that department.

Corporate gift basket

Inside or outside the company it’s a way to send congratulations for substantial achievements of others by sending a corporate gift basket. Equally, it’s a great way to say “I’m sorry” or convey condolences.

It is, of course, important to stay within a budget. Food baskets can be tricky unless you know for sure there are certain preferences and – as important – not issues with food allergies. A combination basket is also a possibility especially if going to an individual.

Seasonal holidays are a great time for giving corporate gift baskets and recognizing those individuals and businesses that have worked extensively with us during the year.

The gift baskets might be a food platter, coffee or tea basket. It is true that they can be made but in many cases it is actually cheaper to get your gift basket ordered and made professionally. There often is not a great deal of distance and sometimes it’s cheaper, due to the gift basket companies can get volume deals on the materials to make them.

Expect to spend from $30 or so on up to $150 depending on what is in the basket. There is a big range of choices in the $50-70 range. There might be cheeses, cookies or candy. Many companies offer a “thank you” basket that is worth checking out if that is the sentiment behind the gift. For the health conscious office a basket of dried fruits can be a way to express the sentiment without adding to the waistlines of the recipient(s).

With more women in positions of influence in companies it is worth also considering the line of gift baskets for women. Candles, spa gifts, bath baskets and a range of other gift baskets are developed strictly for women. Even women in positions of authority can enjoy a spa basket or candle basket – and you’ll never have to worry she doesn’t like chocolate or is allergic to nuts.

Many companies also have Kosher gift baskets if that is an interest for a situation it might be appropriate. There are also gift baskets made up just for men – women aren’t the only ones to get a gift tailored to them! Some companies can work up gift baskets tailored to certain interests or hobbies.

For whatever occasion or sentiment you wish to convey from your company or from you personally, check into a selection of corporate gift baskets for your next “statement.” It might say more than you think!

Bottom line

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