Christmas is the season to be jolly and what better way than a gift basket to bring everyone into the same mood. All you have to do is pick the right one for the right person. We all love giving and receiving gifts at Christmas for that is what the festival is about-the spirit of giving. The problem starts when we start shopping for them!

These gift baskets are an attractive way to send your festive compliments this Season. The sweet and spicy mix acknowledges your friends with classic holiday treats and delicious yummy goodies. The thrill of goodie baskets sweetens the holidays of your loved ones with mouthwatering Christmas gift baskets filled with flavored chocolates and traditional goodies.

These gift baskets are magnificently arranged set of gold foil boxes, adorned with red holiday ribbon and filled with richly scrumptious treats, such as white chocolate decorated with glitters and ribbons giving an extremely attractive look. These baskets are also available in six themed Christmas Gift Boxes with different Christmas designs. For those looking for a Christmas gift with a difference, a number of baskets with fun products are available specially for the little souls that makes the gift a little extra special.

There are online sites like Three White Doves offering assorted gifts in a basket each catering to a particular age group. Following are ideas for five important sets of people:

  • For the little ones the gift containers are designed in the form of a toy, containing items like pacifiers, disposable diapers, rattles, soft toys etc. The colors are different for a boy and a girl. Pink is widely used for girls and blue for boys.
  • For the not so little ones or slightly older children baskets are loaded with various varieties of their most favorite thing in the world chocolates and cookies. There may also be a combination of dolls and chocolates.
  • For the elderly the gift is somewhat similar to that of the children except for the container design! They just love it when they are given a load of delicious chocolates and cookies.
  • For the man of the house an assortment of some wonderful wines, cigar, cocktail almonds and cookies are a common gift basket idea. A combination of a book with the latter is also a very popular Christmas gift basket idea. If he is fond of Barbeque then an assortment of articles which he is bound to find useful when he throws the next Barbeque party can also prove to be a wonderful gift.
  • For the lady of the house you can pick up a beautiful basket of her favorite brand of assorted cosmetics or toiletries. There are various other combinations also available with this, for example if she is health conscious then an assortment of health and fitness books are available. You can choose according to her interests.
  • For everybody else there is a huge variety from which to choose but across all groups the most popular items in the Christmas gift baskets are chocolates and cookies.

A little more about gift basket for kids


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Christmas is one occasion of the year which is patiently awaited by the kids. Not only for merry making and having all sorts of foods and drinks, but especially for the gifts they get from their parents and grandparents. They know the importance of the day and reserve their special demands for Christmas. They know that parents are in a festive mood and so will not mind buying expensive toys and other gadgets for their beloved kids. If you have small kids at home, you may be at a loss of ideas to purchase Christmas gifts for them as you may have no idea as to what could be one thing that could cheer them up on the day of Christmas. We tend to choose gifts depending upon their usability for our kids and rarely do we pay any attention to what they really want. If we ask kids as to what they would like to have as Christmas gift, it would solve our problem and we can buy it easily.

Sometimes, it becomes too much amidst a sea of gifts when we go to a market to buy gifts for our kids. The most attractive and colorful are the toys and the electronic gadgets sections, and even here your confusion increases as there are toys which are latest and brain storming. There are story books, DVD's of cartoon films and the latest animation films which might be of great interest to your kids. Companies are aware of the importance of Christmas and they launch their latest toys and gift items before Christmas to boost their sales. If you feel overwhelmed in between so many choices, it always better to have a chat with your kids as to what they are expecting as a Christmas gift this year. Instead of straight away letting them name the gift, ask about their hobbies and interest areas so that you can buy Christmas gifts that might be of interest to them.

If you think talking to them about their gift might take away the surprise element, what you can do is to observe their activities. See what they do in their spare time. Do they watch cartoon films on TV, or they spend their spare time playing games on the internet? Do you find your son playing with his crayons? Make note of all the activities he indulges in when he has some spare time. This will help you a lot when in the market choosing gifts for him.

These days, it has become very popular to make use of Christmas gift baskets as presents on the occasion of Christmas. It is because of a lot of reasons. First and foremost, these baskets are pre-filled with gifts. These gifts are based upon different themes and are very attractive to look at. The baskets are beautifully adorned and make a perfect Christmas present. Depending upon the likes of your son, you can keep on selecting gifts and then get it wrapped when it is full or when you have bought according to your budget. Your kids will love these Christmas gift baskets.


A little more about gift basket for your husband

basket giftsChristmas is round the corner, and you haven't yet made up your mind as to what you are going to give to your husband, the man who is the center of your life. If this is so, hurry up as choosing a perfect gift may be more daunting than you think. Your husband means so much to you, and now is an opportunity to show him how much you love and care for him. Since he is so special, you obviously want the gift to be special too. Are you aware of the latest trend in Christmas gifts? People are making use of beautiful baskets that are available in the market and filling them with all the goodies or gift items that they think might be suitable for the person they are giving as a gift on the occasion of Christmas.

These Christmas gift baskets are also available as readymade gift items and in the market there are all sorts of baskets in all shapes and sizes filled with gifts in all categories that you can probably imagine.