Surprises of the fun variety are always welcome during the holiday season. You want to choose the right present for everyone on your gift list, but there's always that one person on your list who you absolutely need to find the perfect present for. Whether it's your significant other, best friend, or child, you spend quite a bit of time thinking of all the gift options out there, and which one is right. Plus, you don't want to spend a fortune.

Breathe, and welcome to the world of Christmas Gift Baskets and boxes. There's a cute, easy gift they'll love: Imagine, on Christmas morning, seeing a tall stack of seven gold gift boxes perfectly arranged from smallest to largest under the tree, with a beautiful red bow on it. Wouldn't you be so excited to not only see your gift, but also excited by the surprise inside each box?

After all, the fun isn't always in just getting a gift, but in unwrapping it! That's where holiday tower gift boxes make the perfect present - they have a beautiful, towering presentation, mixed with a tasty delight inside each elegant gold gift box. Gifts that cause the recipient to need to open several boxes are always the most exciting gifts - the recipient is left wondering about what's in the next box, and excited for the gift boxes before it!

When choosing a holiday gift basket or gift box arrangement, be sure to think of the recipient's personality, too. BBQ gift baskets are great for the men in your life, and spa baskets are perfect for sending a little relaxation her way. Both holiday gift boxes and Christmas gift baskets present a surprise for the recipient - just think of all the fun gifts that are inside a gift basket!

Christmas Gift Baskets - Mix of Tradition and Consumerism

The history of gift giving on Christmas can perhaps have said to have started by the three wise men or the Magi as they are more commonly known when they brought gifts for the infant Jesus and ever since Christmas has been a season of celebrations. Although the concept of exchange of gifts at Christmas is an ancient one, it was made popular during the Victorian era. During this period Christmas became a family celebration, hence the whole season people felt love, kindness and generosity towards each other. When such feelings reside exchange of gifts was bound to be a part of the celebration since it is an expression of the same feelings.

However the kind of gifts exchanged has seen a tremendous change over the centuries. In ancient times gifts were simple in the form of twigs or fruits and vegetables. The Victorians put in a lot of creativity into the kind of gifts and the also the wrapping part. The opening of the gifts was done with a lot of funfair.

The eating of the Christmas pie was also a fun filled affair where a lot of goodies used to be hidden in the bowl and every member would have a spoonful taking turns and getting whatever goodies came into his spoon.

We can definitely not forget Santa which is an American concept where gifts were left during the night in stockings for the children to find it in the morning.

By the late nineteenth century the simple gift giving began to be commercialized as a big business opportunity by marketers. Soon the Christmas season became a shopping season, with people just buying gifts without any creativity.

Christmas gift baskets however are an example of a mix of tradition and consumerism. A lot of creativity and hard work goes in designing the baskets alone and most of the times they are made out of traditional material like bamboo; hence anybody who receives it will see that it is actually a labor of love. A lot of thought is also given into the kind of assortments in the baskets.

Christmas Gift Baskets: The All-Around Present For Everyone

It's already December, and Christmas seems just around the corner. But, you might say to yourself, "It's about three weeks away." In shopping terms, however, three weeks might be too little time to find the right gifts. Have you been shopping already, and do you know what to get your friends, family, or coworkers? If you're at a loss - and everyone may be for a person with eclectic or standard tastes - think about a gift that is useful to the user. As many start their day with a warm beverage, be it coffee or tea, consider tea-themed Christmas gift baskets.

Under the trappings of red, green, and white are beverages that will last long after December 25. If you know a person's preferences, find a gift basket that accents this. A selection of green teas, for example, could be accompanied by a mug or a tea-for-one pot, in addition to food that goes well with the beverage. If you're unsure of a person's beverage choice, however, consider a Christmas gift basket with multiple types of teas or coffees. Arrive with a present with multiple flavored black teas, a combination of snack foods, or coffees.

But sometimes you don't know anything or very little about the gift recipient - and more often than not, this is in a workplace gift exchange. So, in this case, what do you get? Before you consider looking through several Christmas gift baskets, notice what your gift recipient has in the morning. Is it a cup of coffee, or does the person look like a tea drinker? For tea, is it black or green? Also, does he or she drink the beverage in a mug or paper cup in the morning? Once you've considered all of these factors, find the right combination of parts for a Christmas gift basket - a beverage, a mug, or an accompanying food.


Ideas for Christmas Gift Baskets

Christmas time is a very stressful time of year - the holiday season is in full swing and everyone is clamoring to find the perfect gift for everyone on their lists. Obviously, the effort that you put into the gifts for the friends and family closest to you is much greater than that of those who you see only from time to time. Usually the go to gift for these people is a gift certificate to an all-around store, so that they can buy whatever they need or want. Although this may seem like a good idea, giving gift certificates is way too impersonal, even if you are not that close with someone.

One really great idea for these people is to give them a Christmas gift basket, which can feature innumerable different types of items in one package. An example of this would be a Christmas tea gift basket, which has all of the tools and materials needed to have your own tea party at Christmas time or any other time of year.

These holiday gift baskets can be made to have any number of items inside and can be arranged to any particular theme. For instance, if you know that your child's teacher is a big fan of your state's football team, get a few items and put them in a basket that pertains to the team. Maybe a pennant, a small token helmet and a football with the team's logo on it - put these in a basket and it's a perfect gift!

Rather than spending hours shopping at the mall and spending a fortune on gifts, buy from Three White Doves- it saves you time and money! Happy Holidays!