Gift baskets are the most popular presents on joyful events, anniversaries and birthdays. They are great for family members, colleagues, friends and business clients. They are considered as an ideal way to show your love and care, and since they’re available in different shape, size, design, styles and can be customized in almost all the possible ways, they are perfect present for all the occasions.


Gift baskets online Canada USA

  1. Chocolate gift baskets in Canada and USA

These gift baskets filled with chocolates are perfect for all occasions. These lovely treats are a great choice to send to a loved one on Valentine’s Day, wedding anniversary, birthday or winter holidays. Different types of yummy chocolaty treats are added to the basket. If the recipient loves to bake, chocolate gift basket would be a great gift for him or her. These are available in various sizes and arrangements. You can customize these chocolate gift baskets by adding cadies, sweets, cookies and chocolate desserts.


Chocolate gift baskets in Canada and USA


  1. Spa gift baskets in Canada and USA

With the rising popularity of the spa treatment, spa gift baskets are considered as the perfect gift for women. These are loved by everyone who loves a relaxing spa bath in a hot spa bath tub. These amazing spa gift baskets contain incense, luxury bath soaps, lotions, hair and skin treatment products and the bath salts. In addition to that, if you want to add some fun, you can also bubble bath, scented lotions and candles to your spa gift baskets. Spa baskets are excellent gifts for Valentine's Day, and even as thank you gifts.


Spa gift baskets in Canada and USA

  1. Fruit gift baskets in Canada and USA

Traditionally, these gift baskets come with an assortment of fruits. Undoubtedly, it is the healthiest gift baskets suitable for everyone and you can present it on almost all the occasions. Such baskets are usually packed with the seasonal fruits. In this way, the contents of the fruit baskets vary from season to season. To add some extra fun, you can use the fruit bouquet arrangement in which the fruits are arranged in the form of flower bouquets.

Fruit gift baskets in Canada and USA

  1. Tea gift baskets in Canada and USA

A tea inspired gift basket can be an ideal gift for a tea lover and it can contain a variety of tea from all over the world. Besides the extensive range of tea, these tea gift baskets can include a wide range of exotic snacks such as jams, cookies, chocolate bars, fruit bread, as well as tea mugs. Wicker basket or large wooden crates are used to pack the contents of tea gift basket to bring an attractive and luxurious finish. If you’re sending a gift to a health conscious person, you can add green or herbal tea to make the gift more practical. Tea gift basket serves as a great gift for a thank you, retirement or get-well gift.

Tea gift baskets in Canada and USA

  1. Cheese and wine gift baskets in Canada and USA

These gift baskets come with an exotic combination of wine and cheese. If you’re looking for a gift for that gourmand in your life, then this cheese and wine gift basket would be the perfect choice for you. Some of these gift baskets contain one type of cheese and wine while others include a variety of wine and cheese. These are perfect for many occasions including business gifts for the boss, employee, or a client. Everything is usually included to make a complete cheese board, including olives, salami, crackers, condiments and pate. You can also add chocolates and snacks in them. These mostly contain top quality wine and it can make them a bit expensive. However, these are really appreciated and loved by cheese and wine lovers.


  1. Sports gift baskets in Canada and USA

These gifts are perfect for the sports enthusiasts. Football, baseball or fishing! What is the interest of the recipient? Whatever they might like, your sports fan will surely get a kick out of having a sports gift basket waiting for him or her this holiday season. For instance, if he is a fan of NFL, you can add a jersey, stickers, wallpapers and schedule of the upcoming season.

If the recipient is an athlete, you can add water bottles, healthy snacks and fitness equipment. Sports baskets for athletes can also be customized to the sport your loved one participates in. however, to stay stress free, you can order a sports gift basket online this year.

Sports gift baskets in Canada and USA


  1. Romantic gift baskets in Canada and USA

People usually consider romantic gift baskets for the Valentine’s Day, but I’ve an entirely different opinion about it. In my view point, you can present a romantic gift basket to that special person in your life at any time of the year when you want to light your life with love. It is best way to express your love and affection. If the recipient is a lady, you can select stuff such as cosmetics, beauty and health products, jewelry, or even the aromatherapy products. If you’re going to buy a gift basket for a man, you can think about the stuff suitable for men. However, you can easily buy a romantic gift basket for men online. These gift baskets are available in a number of styles and designs but I would recommend going with a simple and traditional wicker basket.

Romantic gift baskets in Canada and USA

  1. Italy themed gift baskets in Canada and USA

If you’re buying a gift basket for a person who loves Italy or Italian food, you must select items like pasta and sauce, Italian spices, Italian travel guide or an Italian cookbook. It will help the recipient to prepare Italian food and feel as he or she is in Italy.  You can also do it for other countries and regions. But for this purpose, you‘ll have to do some extra effort to find and collect the customized items for a themed gift basket. Obviously, it will take more time to decide what to put in the themed gift basket but the recipient would really love it.


Italy themed gift baskets in Canada and USA

  1. Cookies gift baskets in Canada and USA

Can you think of anyone who doesn’t love cookies? Well, I think, I can’t, so the cookies gift baskets are the ideal gift for almost everyone. Cookies gift baskets are the perfect gift not only during the Christmas season but also at any time of the year. These baskets usually contain different types, shapes and sizes of tasty and delicious cookies. To add some extra fun, you can include food items such as different types of jimmies and sprinkles, different icing colors, cookie cutters and the packages of already made dough. For a unique cookie gift basket, you can add items like a cookie cookbook, hand mixer, mixing bowl, and all the ingredients for a few batches of cookies. It will surely be a great yet delicious treat for a cookie lover.

Cookies gift baskets in Canada and USA

Concluding thoughts

We have all been facing the situation one time or another when we need to get a gift basket for someone, but just don't know what to get them. I hope all the above-mentioned types of gift baskets will help you to finalize a gift for your loved ones. Share your thoughts about your favorite gift basket and what you’re planning to add in the gift basket this Christmas